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 Naruto RPG Character Creator

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PostSubject: Naruto RPG Character Creator   Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:31 pm

Just follow this little template here (shown below as my character profile), and post in the Naruto RPG section.
***Warning!*** Your character must be approved of by a mod or admin before you use it!!! All forum rules and RPG rules apply to Naruto RPG.

Sometimes, my character will appear out of nowhere and challenge you!

All Ninja start as Genin.

Name: Kokurou Tenome (jounin)
Gender: Male
Main form of attack: Ninjutsu
History: ???
Weapons: Shikumo (Death Cloud Sword)
Taijutsu List: Deadly Lion Kicks, Moon's Revenge Ceremony, Barrage of Ghosts, Cosmic Defense Mechanism.
Genjutsu List: Thousand Needle Funeral, Distance Illusion, Dance of Sorrows.
Ninjutsu List: Chakra Claws, Ice Dome Trap, Snow Armour, Wind Blade Air Current, Water Quicksand, Cosmic Defense Mechanism 1-10 meters, Claw Smash (with Amikiri summoned).
Summonings (if any): Amikiri (the Net Cutter: A Japanese mythological creature composed of a snake, lobster, and hawk.), Shikumo.
Elemental Use (genin=1 chounin=2 jounin=3): Wind, Water, Earth.
Appearence: Wears headband around neck (Mist Village), scar on left cheek. Wears black and blue flak jacket with black pants and ninja sandals. Brown hair, brown eyes.


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Master Me
Master Me

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PostSubject: Re: Naruto RPG Character Creator   Wed Jun 25, 2008 9:32 am

hey im srry i havent been active much but im tryin...this sounds fun.
Name: Tobi(jounin)
Gender: Male
Main form of attack: genjutsu
History: ???
Weapons: carries a small samori sword on back
Taijutsu List: none
Genjutsu List: 1000 years death, rewind, death grip, Kokuangyou no Jutsu - Journey into Black Darkness Technique, Tsukuyomi
Ninjutsu List: rasengan, chidori (i know they are take offs but hey they are cool)
Summonings (if any): like naruto, but has a single tailed lepard demon in him.
Appearence: Wears headband around forehead with slash through it(demon country), scar accross face. Wears black robe and ninja sandals. red hair, red eyes
Other: is a master of the sharingon. has every level of it unlocked. the slash across the demon headband show he is a missing nin of demon country.

Its penut butter jelly time, its penut butter jelly time
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Naruto RPG Character Creator
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